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Australian Planetary Hours

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Technically, there are no set Australian “planetary hours” as each city and state has it’s own timings, just like time itself. Example, Adelaide’s first planetary hour (Saturn, as this is written on Saturday) start’s at 7:11am and lasts till 8:13am. However, these times will not be the same for other areas of Australia, let’s look at why!

What are Planetary Hours

Planetary Hours is an ancient system that uses the planets for time.  At first, this entire system is going to look like a nightmare but it is easy once you implement it into your daily life.

Everyday is associated with a planet and that planet “rules” the day. What this means is that everyday the starting planetary hour changes to start with that days ruling planet.

Example: if it’s a Monday, the starting planet for planetary hour 1 is the Moon. However this will change the next day, Tuesday, as Tuesday’s ruling planet is Mars. Therefore, Tuesday’s starting hour 1 will be Mars instead of Moon.

Just to complicate things a little more, the hours do not go in order of the “day planets”. While the day’s may go Sun, Moon, Mars, ect, the hours go Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon. The sequence for the planetary hours repeat in this order starting from the day’s ruling planet.

Calculating Planetary Hours

Figuring out what planet is landing in what hour may seem complicated at first, but it’s really easy once you break it down. Sort of…

Planetary hours are calculated using the Chaldean Order to divide time and we aren’t getting into that here. Seriously, the Chaldean Order is a rabbit hole of planetary movement and leads on to many other things. But anyway, back to the hours!

Planetary hours are split into two time periods (technically three when you take daylight savings into account), with the two periods being “Day” and “Night”. Day is from Sunrise to Sunset and Night is from Sunset to next day’s sunrise. Each time period is divided into twelve equal lengths of time lasting an hour depending on location and season. 

If you want to skip the headaches and calculation, bring magic forth to the modern era. Google or search for an app! I’m all for practical magic and practical anything, so I found an app that did the work for me and was very specific to finding the planetary hours for Adelaide, South Australia. There’s also an excellent, in-depth site ( that calculates Australian Moon times, planetary hours and more. 

If not, there’s a quick reference chart below. 

Planetary Hours Table


The first 12 hours show the “Day” hours. For “Night” hours, continue the repeating pattern for hours 13 to 24.

Day Planet Association

To keep this article on the topic of Australian planetary hours and not the magic of days, down below is a quick list of the days and their planets.

Sunday: Sun
Monday: Moon
Tuesday: Mars
Wednesday: Mercury
Thursday: Jupiter
Friday:  Venus
Saturday: Saturn

Time Your Magic

Timing your spells by day and time adds a whole new level of power for manifesting your intention. When you add the magic of  planets on top of a specific moon phase and Zodiac, you’re weaving one powerful spell there!

Whilst I encourage you to use every tool at your disposal to empower your spells, your magic and your spiritual path, you do NOT have to use planetary hours or days to weave your magic. Your spell is your spell, do what calls to you.

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