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Midwinter in Adelaide: June 21

Magic of Rosemary

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Rosemary has always been one of my favourite plants since I was a child, and not just because of the magic my Nan used to tell me it had. I would collect the best smelling parts of the Rosemary bush and then pop them into a unique potion bottle with water and just leave them […]

Magic of Black Tourmaline

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The magic of Black Tourmaline captivates with its protective allure and striking appearance. Known as Schorl, this guardian stone boasts a deep, glossy black hue and powerful defensive properties. Revered for its divine and psychic protection, Black Tourmaline creates an energetic shield around you, deflecting and transmuting negativity. Often called the “Stone of Protection” or […]

How to Burn Charcoal

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How to burn charcoal disks for loose incense and herbs is an essential tool for enhancing your magic or spiritual practice. Using a charcoal disk allows for a steady, long-lasting burn that releases the full aroma and energy of your chosen herbs and incense. This method is especially effective for cleansing and purifying a space, […]

Death Tarot Card

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As autumn unfolds and the festival of Samhain approaches, the Death tarot card emerges with its profound and sometimes scary themes. However, it embodies death, transformation, and the conclusion of cycles. This card does not simply signify physical death but rather the essential ending that fosters new beginnings. Such transitions reflect the natural rhythms of […]

Magic of Mugwort

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The magic of Mugwort has captivated many through the ages, weaving its way into various cultural and spiritual practices. Revered for its protective properties, ability to enhance dreams, and aid in divination, Mugwort serves as a cornerstone in the world of herbal magic. This herb embodies a bridge between the natural and the mystical, providing […]

How to Burn Loose Incense

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How to burn loose incense involves choosing the right method to suit your needs, whether you’re cleansing a space of negative energy or simply shifting the energy gently. Burning loose incense on a charcoal disk is highly effective for deep energetic cleansing. The intense heat from the charcoal releases potent smoke, which purifies and revitalises […]

Foods for Samhain

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Foods for Samhain carry a blend of tradition and seasonal bounty, especially when infused with an Australian twist. This ancient festival, marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter, invites us to explore flavours that warm and comfort the soul. From hearty meats seasoned with native spices to breads featuring native seeds, […]

The Chariot Tarot Card

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The Chariot tarot card, number 7 in the Major Arcana, encapsulates the essence of victory, control, and direction in one’s journey through life. Representing the triumph of willpower over obstacles, The Chariot symbolises the charioteer’s mastery over the opposing forces within and the drive towards achieving one’s goals. This card encourages individuals to maintain focus […]

Hot Cross Buns

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I wanted to release another article this month, but then I realised I hadn’t shared the hot cross buns recipe for this year. So, I need to hurry and get the recipe out as soon as possible, with Easter just around the corner! Easter might not align well with the Australian seasons, and as a […]

Mabon Planting Guide

mabon planting guide, australian autumn gardening, what to plant in autumn australia, witchs garden australia, witch garden australia, witchcraft blog australia

I was going to write an article on the 5 foods of Mabon, but due to family emergencies, I’m pivoting towards a Mabon planting guide. This guide is specifically tailored for the Australian autumn, helping you prepare your garden for the upcoming winter, spring, and early summer. The transition to cooler months offers a unique […]

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