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Strength Tarot Card

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The Strength tarot card, numbered eight in most tarot decks, symbolises courage, bravery, and inner resilience in the face of adversity. As part of the Major Arcana, it plays a pivotal role in the journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment that the tarot offers. This card often depicts a figure calmly taming a lion, illustrating […]

How to Burn Herb Wands

How to Burn Herb Wands, australian witchcraft supplies, witchcraft blog, australian pagan, smudging, how to smudge, burning rosemary

Discover how to burn herb wands or bundles, a swift and effective method for purifying your space or an object of negative energy. This guide introduces a straightforward ritual that requires minimal preparation and no special tools, making it accessible to everyone. By following a few simple steps, you can harness the natural power of […]

Magical Uses for Amethyst

magical uses for amethyst, australian witchcraft blog, witchcraft shop australia, australian witchcraft supplies, adelaide witchcraft store, crystal healing australia, amethyst magic, crystal magic, wicca amethyst

Exploring the magical uses for Amethyst, I’ve uncovered a realm where this crystal stands as a cornerstone for anyone diving into psychic practices. Its unique vibrational energy enhances psychic abilities, offers protection, balance, and deepens the connection to the spiritual realm. Incorporating Amethyst into my daily rituals has profoundly transformed my practice, connecting me more […]

St. John’s Wort Magic

st. john's wort magic, australian witchcraft blog, australian witchcraft store, st johns wort herb, australian witchcraft store

Magic fills the air as summer wanes, with the enchantment of St. John’s Wort gradually fading. This magical herb, with its bright yet tiny yellow blossoms that turn dark red when crushed, encapsulates healing, fire and the joy of summer. Ideal for blood offerings, its potency peaks when harvested and infused with care. As the […]

Mulberry Crumble Recipe

mulberry crumble recipe, australian witchcraft blog, witchcraft supplies australia, adelaide witchcraft store

This mulberry crumble recipe focuses more on the crumble itself, versatile enough to enhance any crumble dish or even serve as a unique cereal or topping. I’ve made the decision to share this recipe for free, incorporating the Poudre Douce spice mix from Spice Alchemy into both the filling and the crumble. It simplifies the […]

Amethyst Magic

amethyst magic, australian witchcraft blog, learn witchcraft australia, pagan australia, wicca australia, adelaide witchcraft store, witchcraft shop australia

Amethyst magic, steeped in folklore and mythology, weaves a captivating tale of spiritual enlightenment and psychic protection. This enchanting purple crystal, celebrated across civilizations, has been a symbol of wisdom and sobriety, with legends suggesting it was favoured by Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, to prevent intoxication and ensure clarity of mind. Amethyst’s energy […]

The Hierophant Tarot Card

the hierophant tarot card, australian witchcraft blog, tarot australia, adelaide tarot, adelaide psychic, in depth tarot learning

The Hierophant tarot card doesn’t frequently appear in my readings, perhaps because of its significant reverence and deep symbolism. It embodies tradition, guidance, and the conventional wisdom that guides us toward spiritual and moral integrity. Acting as a symbolic bridge to higher wisdom, the Hierophant encourages adherence to societal norms and traditions, emphasising the importance […]

Magic of Catnip

magic of catnip, australian witchcraft blog, australian herbalist, adelaide witchcraft store, pagan australia witchcraft blog, adelaide witchcraft supplies

Ever since I wove the catnip fertility charm, I’ve been eager to delve into the magic of Catnip. This herb wasn’t a staple in my magical practices until recently, and even then, my use was primarily limited to spells focusing on love and promoting growth, especially in the garden. This article, however, unfolds differently from […]

Creating an Altar

creating an altar, australian witchcraft blog, australian pagan blog, witchcraft supplies australia, witchcraft shop australia, wicca store australia, adelaide witchcraft store

Creating an altar at home marks a deeply personal and intimate step in your journey as an Australian witch. This sacred space serves as a physical extension of your spiritual practices. Whether elaborate or modest, your altar stands as a potent conduit for connecting with the divine, the natural elements, and the depths of your […]

Foods for Lughnasa

foods for lughnasa, pagan australia blog, witchcraft blog, australian witchcraft supplies, australian lughnasa, southern hemisphere lughnasa

Foods for Lughnasa, especially when given an Australian twist, offer a unique and flavourful experience for the southern hemisphere witch. From the rich and hearty meats that reflect Australia’s pastoral legacy to the sweet, delectable cakes reminiscent of the country’s culinary ingenuity, each dish is a tribute to the season. We weave in locally sourced […]

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