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Beltane in Australia, set against a backdrop of blossoming landscapes, brings forth a joyous energy amidst spring’s peak.

This festival, often deemed the lighter twin of Samhain, pulses with an energy that celebrates love, life, and connection. 

Widely recognised as a May Day celebration in the northern hemisphere, Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere dances to its rhythm, taking place as October’s warmth starts to intensify. Throughout history, its essence has remained unchanged, uniting communities in shared celebration.

Since most of the activities shared revolve around fire on Beltaine, here’s some activities without fire!

Ways to Celebrate Beltane in Australia

Perform a Ribbon Wish Ritual

Traditionally, Beltane marks the time for manifesting and abundance. Write your desires and intentions directly on ribbons, then actively tie them to a branch or a small indoor tree. As the ribbons flutter in the breeze, they symbolise your wishes going off to the powers that be, reflecting the Beltaine spirit of prosperity.

Please remember to remove the ribbons at Midsummer as they can constrict a growing tree.

Dance Around a Maypole

Although it’s not May in Australia during Beltane, the Maypole dance remains a timeless tradition symbolising the union of energies and the fertility of the coming season (among other things). Erect a pole, attach long ribbons, and invite everyone to dance around it, weaving the ribbons together. This physical act celebrates life’s vibrant force, crucial to Beltaine’s spirit.

Create a Faerie Garden

The lore of Beltane deeply connects with the Otherworld, Fairfolk and the Fae. Honour this by building a fairy garden using plants, flowers, and miniature fixtures the represent spirits. This act serves not just as a creative expression but also as a beacon for positivity and good fortune, in line with the mystical aspect of Beltaine.

Host a Feast

Historically, Beltane centres on feasting to honour life’s abundance. Gather your loved ones, invite the community, or host an open event featuring local and seasonal foods. I usually ask each guest to contribute one dish, which eases preparation and ensures everyone enjoys a hearty meal. This shared feast celebrates the land’s fertility, reflecting Beltaine’s core theme of love.

Cleansing Water Ritual

For Beltane, when fire restrictions apply due to weather conditions (or certain areas), turn to water for your ritual. Collect water in a bowl or use Moon water, add oils, herbs, and flower petals, then anoint participants or splash it around living spaces. This practice cleanses everyone and readies them for the impending summer, reflecting the cleansing essence of traditional Beltaine fires

Days to Remember

As you weave intentions into ribbons, or gather around for a hearty feast of seasonal foods, feel your actions pulsing in harmony with the natural world’s vibrant energy. From the bush to the beaches, Beltaine’s energy ignites in every burst of life and balmy breeze. As the days of celebration unfold, let each ritual, shared story, and laughter deepen your connection to the Earth’s plentiful gifts and your spirit.

Until the next Beltaine, hold dear these precious moments, and may we Speak in Spells again soon.

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