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Candle Colour Magic

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Colour plays a big role when it comes to candle magic. The colour of a candle help focus the spellweavers magic and attract the magical energy of that intent.

Example, you want to attract more money into your life. You think of $100 notes which is the colour green, you use a green candle. However, you may also think of bars of gold, which in turn, requires a gold coloured candle. These little thoughts are what help focus the spellcaster and concentrate on their spell.

The colour of a candle is important to a spell, however, if you don’t have the right coloured candle, use a white candle as it contains all colours.

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This guide doesn’t follow the Wiccan religion. These are the colours that resonate with me and what my family has practiced for generations, with some changes (sorry Nan!).

Like all guides, it is just that, a guide! You do not have to follow this or any other guide. Find what colour rings true to your purpose, focus on that and weave the greatest of magic.

Candle Colour Magic

These are the quick magical properties of each coloured candle!

WHITE: All Purpose, Purity, Truth, Cleansing, Protection (deflective), Sincerity, Full Moon Magic and Blessings

RED: Strength, Health, Vigour, Lust, Sex, Passion, Courage, Male Fertility, Element Fire and Independence

BLACK: Binding, Night magic, Reverse magic, Scrying, Banishing, Absorbing and Destroying Negativity, Removes Discord, Confusion, Hexes, Curses and Addictions

GREY: Balance, Psychic Power and Neutrality

BROWN: Animal Magic, Home, Earth, Grounding, Stability, Construction and Material Goods

PINK: Love, Honour, Friendship, Nurture, Compassion, Protection of Children, Partnership and Self Emotional Healing

PURPLE: Insight, Royalty, Communication, Psychic Ability, Ancient Wisdom, Divine Power, Spiritual Awareness, Meditation and Intuition

GREEN: Finances, Money, Fertility, Prosperity, Growth, Luck, Employment, Rejuvenation, Element Earth and Abundance

YELLOW: Intellect, Attraction, Study, Persuasion, Confidence, Memory, Sun, Concentration, Joy and Element Air

ORANGE: Adaptability, Stimulation, Fast Change, Creativity, Inspiration, Legal Matters, Focus, Opportunity and Will Power

BLUE: Healing, Tranquillity, Happiness, Patience, Element Water, Change, Flexibility, Subconscious Mind, Comfort and Dreaming

GOLD: Male Energy, Sun, Great Fortune, Luxury, Fast Luck, Conscious Mind and Achievement

SILVER: Female Energy, Moon, Unconscious Mind, Values, Clairvoyance and Astral Travel

Candle Colours for Days of the Week

Monday: WHITE
Tuesday: RED
Wednesday: PURPLE
Thursday: BLUE
Friday: GREEN
Saturday: BLACK
Sunday: YELLOW

Astral Candle Colours

Aquarius: BLUE (primary), Green (secondary)
Pisces: WHITE (primary), Green (secondary)
Aries: RED (primary), Pink (secondary)
Taurus: GREEN (primary), Yellow (secondary)
Gemini: YELLOW (primary), Blue (secondary)
Cancer: WHITE (primary), Brown (secondary)
Leo: GOLD (primary), Orange (secondary)
Virgo: GREY (primary), Black (secondary)
Libra: BLUE (primary), Black (secondary)
Scorpio: BLACK (primary), BROWN (secondary)
Sagittarius: BLUE (primary), Red (secondary)
Capricorn: RED (primary), Brown (secondary)

See you again soon!
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