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Days of Magic

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When you cast spells, it is important to consider the magic associated with each day of the week. These can be a personal preference or found in books.

Although you can cast spells at any time on any day, it is rare for them to go according to plan. By aligning the day of casting with your intention, you can significantly increase the likelihood of success. It’s like adding another layer of magic to your spell to increase the chance of success.

Therefore, I’ve put together a little personal guide of the magical energy I associate with each day.

By lining up your spells with the magical day best suited to your intention, you can observe how your spell manifests with greater success.

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The Days of Magic

Planet: Sun
Energy: Success, Masculinity, Creativity, Joy, Energy, New Beginnings, Determination and Constructive Spells

Planet: Moon
Energy: Intuition, Psychic Abilities, Divination, Clarity, Femininity, Invisibility, Protection, Emotions and Tranquillity

Planet: Mars
Energy: War, Change, Courage, Power, Lust, Assertiveness, Spontaneity, Strength and Destructive Spells

Planet: Mercury
Energy: Communication, Intellect, Insight, Wisdom, Justice, Adaptation, Fairness and Understanding

Planet: Jupiter
Magic: Money, Growing, Prosperity, Abundance, Finance, Aspiration and Benevolent Spells

Planet: Venus
Energy: Love, Family, Friendship, Relationships, Beauty, Fertility, Devotion and Social Spells

Planet: Saturn
Energy: Banishing, Cleansing, Cutting Cords, Shadow Self, Breaking Bad Habits and Defensive Spells

Weave Your Magic

By understanding the energies associated with each day of the week, you can align your intentions with the appropriate day to enhance the effectiveness of your spells. Utilising certain days for certain magic can make a significant difference in the outcome of your spells, allowing you to manifest your desires with greater success and ease.

Along with the days, you further add layers to your spells via colours. Colours can play a big role when it comes to your spells on top of the day, the time and the planetary alignment.

Hope this gives you a little insight as to how this shop runs its magic and we speak in spells again soon!

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