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I’ve titled this article “The Five-Year Plan” because I’m pregnant again, and it’s not just with a new idea! I’m expecting another child and, reflecting on my previous experience, I realise that juggling home renovations and running a business requires a different approach this time.

I must adhere strictly to my plan this time and avoid succumbing to the temptation to please others, such as by opening a physical store.

Looking back, I’m relieved that none of the store opportunities I explored last year materialised. It’s hard to imagine managing such an endeavour while feeling this ill, caring for a baby, and expecting another one. Even staying awake has become a challenge at this stage. So, what’s the plan then?

No Store

There will be a store, but not just yet. The plan for the next five years; I need to exercise restraint and avoid considering any store locations in Adelaide until that period passes.

Why wait five years?

When I launched my store, my child was already in school and relatively independent. Having another baby recently made me realise I can’t maintain my usual self or expend the energy required to meet customer expectations.

In five years, all my children will be in school, with one nearly finished.

Ultimately, I am someone who thrives in solitude; I need quiet to recharge and feel energized. With a toddler and another baby on the way this year, that essential quiet is simply not available and there is no way I would be able to run a store living this way.

No Imports

I’ve previously mentioned in another article that I won’t introduce new items or replace old ones from external sources. The cost of imports is skyrocketing, primarily due to increasing shipping prices. I strongly oppose inflation driven by profit motives, which is unfortunately occurring, even as large companies claim they’re making “nothing” while reporting millions in profit.

Anyway! Moving on.

If you have your eye on something, get it before it goes. I’m also thinking I might not bring back imports to the online store and keep any imports for the physical store or markets.


This year, I’ll participate in fewer markets, especially around my due date. I’m scheduled for another C-section, and my last recovery was extremely difficult. Hopefully, this time it will be smoother (it should be).

However, for this year, I’ll only attend the Queen of Wand markets and my usual medieval gatherings at Gumeracha and Barossa.

I won’t be travelling far this year for any market and I definitly will not be going interstate this year. 

The Focus

This year, I’m planning to slow down significantly and mainly concentrate on creating online content. I aim to write articles for members, work on making the Patreon thing work for those who want me to post there, and launch classes.

Restocking will be a gradual process, especially for the next 10 weeks. My sense of smell is incredibly sensitive right now – I feel like I can smell colours. During my last pregnancy, I experienced “morning” sickness until week 21. So, a slow 10-week period for restocking, if it happens at all, is quite reasonable, I hope.

Besides these activities, my primary focus will be on myself. Managing a 12-year-old, a 1.5-year-old, and expecting another child, along with running this small store and renovating a home, is quite a lot. It feels almost overwhelming at my age, but it’s necessary.

Baby brain is kicking in and I feel like i’m making no sense any more so may we Speak in Spells again soon!

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