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How to burn loose incense involves choosing the right method to suit your needs, whether you’re cleansing a space of negative energy or simply shifting the energy gently.

Burning loose incense on a charcoal disk is highly effective for deep energetic cleansing. The intense heat from the charcoal releases potent smoke, which purifies and revitalises the atmosphere, driving away negative energy.

Alternatively, for a more subtle energy shift, warming incense on a resin burner is preferable. This method releases a softer fragrance that permeates the space, enhancing the ambiance without the smoke.

I use both methods, and here’s how it’s done!

How to Use Loose Incense

Burning Loose Incense

Learning how to burn loose incense is a simple and aromatic way to cleanse and shift the energy with your space. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Gather Your Materials: You will need loose incense, a heat-resistant burner, charcoal discs, and a lighter or matches.

  2. Prepare Your Burner: Place your burner on a heat-resistant surface to avoid any damage. If your burner doesn’t have a built-in grate, mesh or made from cast iron, you can add a layer of sand to help distribute the heat evenly.

  3. Light the Charcoal: Hold the charcoal disc with tongs and light it with a lighter or matches. The charcoal will start to spark; continue to hold it until it stops sparking and starts to glow red.

  4. Place the Charcoal in the Burner: Once the charcoal is glowing, carefully place it in the centre of your burner and wait a few minutes for it to go a little white around the edges.

  5. Add the Incense: Sprinkle a small amount of loose incense directly onto the glowing charcoal. Start with a little to see how it burns and how much smoke it produces. You can always add more as needed.

  6. Enjoy the Aroma: Allow the incense to smoulder and release its fragrance. Add more incense as needed, but be careful not to smother the charcoal.

  7. Safely Extinguish: After you’re done, ensure the charcoal is completely extinguished. You can let it burn out on its own in a safe place or douse it with water if you need to extinguish it quickly. Try not to pop it in the bin when disposing of it.

Warming Loose Incense

Warming loose incense in a resin burner is a gentle way to release fragrance without smoke! It’s currently one of my favourite methods to shift the energy with the space needed, unless it’s a cleanse, then I use the burning method.

  1. Gather Your Materials: Collect loose incense, a resin burner, and a tea light candle.

  2. Prepare Your Resin Burner: Set the resin burner on a stable, heat-resistant surface to prevent heat damage. Make sure it’s clean and ready for use.

  3. Insert the Tea Light Candle: Place a tea light candle in the space provided at the bottom of the resin burner, ensuring it sits securely.

  4. Light the Candle: Use matches or a lighter to ignite the tea light candle. The candle’s gentle heat will warm the incense.

  5. Add the Incense: Sprinkle a small amount of loose incense into the bowl or plate on top. Avoid overloading to ensure good heat distribution and effective warming.

  6. Adjust the Incense Amount: If you want a stronger aroma, add more incense; if it’s too strong, use less.

  7. Enjoy the Fragrance: Let the candle’s heat slowly warm the incense, releasing its scent without burning it.

  8. Extinguish the Candle Safely: When finished, blow out the tea light candle and let the burner cool before cleaning or moving it. Always ensure the candle is completely extinguished to avoid fire hazards.

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