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Moon Phase Meanings

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The Moon is something that all witches and spiritual workers know of and deal with, but did you know that each phase has many meanings and uses? Some Moon phases are perfect for growing and starting a new project. Some phases are great for banishing all which no longer serves the better of you and some phases are just great for personal reflection.

This will just be a basic run down of some of the Moon phases to help you along your journey. Never be afraid to experiment and tap into your own intuition to find what is best for you. Create a Moon journal or buy a Moon diary to track the energy and how it affects you!

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At the very least, see the Moons energy as the tides in water, it comes in and it goes out. Or breathing in and out. Once you understand this basic concept, all spells and practices being to open up so easily. Connections to your spirit will be easier!

Keep in mind, images of the moon will always be different in the North and Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemispheres moon looks like this )0( while the Southern Hemispheres moon looks like this (0).

Moon Phase Meanings

Dark Moon: (Crone)

This occurs one night before the New Moon, when the Moon isn’t visible in the sky at all. Due to the rise in “Light” magic, this Moon phase has had a bad name attached to it. A phase that is never to be used and no spells should be cast during this time as the spell won’t work or backfire horrible. This is far from the truth! To celebrate the moon, to have balance, one must accept the light AND the dark! This phase is just as powerful as any other and offers witches great potential for powerful divination and spiritual communication.

Use this phase for banishment of all sorts, self reflection, releasing, cutting ties, protection, divination, concealment, astral travel, other worldly communication and dark/destructive magic.

New Moon: (Maiden)

After the night of the Dark Moon, a slight sliver of light will appear from the moon again. This is known as the New Moon phase. I personally use this phase to set intentions to for my garden to prosper, to stay motivated for the gym or to grow my wealth. It is at this time that you should start casting your wealth spells so when the Full Moon hits, you can unleash your built up, powerful spell.

Use this phase for Growth of all sorts, Healing, Fertility, setting Long Term goals, Beauty, Fae magic and Prosperity.

Waxing Moon: (Growing)

This phase is when the moon is growing into a full moon. Going from dark to light to make the sky shine bright. This phase actually has three phases, if you want particulars, which are called the crescent, the quarter and the gibbous. The waxing phase is all about continuing to grow after the new moon. It’s a great time for mediation, watching your spell cast on the New Moon grow and feed the spells wish you to cast on the Full Moon.

Use this phase for regeneration, growing, love and luck spells, strength, balance, prosperity and light magic.

Full Moon: (Mother)

The Moon, at this time, will be at 100% visibility. This is a time of great, heightened power that allows all spells cast at this time to have powerful energy behind it. The energy of a Full Moon is great for a quick spell, or sudden change. This moon phase, if you’re not wanting to cast any spells, is a great time to throw a celebration. Whip up some fruit platters, bake some cakes and grab a drink with friends.

Use this phase for Wishes, creativity, intuition, fertility, celebrations, fast money spells, abundance, divination, psychic abilities, Love and light/positive magic.

Waning Moon: (Dying)

Once the Full Moon has had its glory, it begins to fade and so does the energy with it. It is at this time we look at our spell harvest, give thanks and reflect on what has been done, and what must be done next. This is an incredibly good time to change up a failed spell and figure out what needs to be done differently in order to manifest your true intention.

Use this phase for long term banishment, breaking bad habits, releasing negative emotions, self reflection, intuition, divination, astral travel, cleaning and dark magic.

Time for some magic!

Now that you have basic understanding of what each moon phase represents and its meanings, start planning! Will you be planting new seedlings or removing weeds from your witch’s garden? Will you be getting that hair cut or relaxing in a nice spell bath?
Whatever it is that you’ll be doing, remember, that the moon affects everyone and everything with its energies of push and pull! Utilise the power of the moon to create something powerful and wonderful.

See you again soon!
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