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A5 Leather Binder


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This leather a5 binder is perfect for any studying witch or travelling witch. Small and discreet, ready for what ever you need! This binder was originally found in the first Ars Magica subscription box and it’s here to stay. I personally use this little binder to hold all my herbal knowledge and spell pages as it’s perfect to take outside.

This Leather a5 binder is empty and holds approximately 300 sheets of regular paper.
It has brass rivets and buckle with silver clips on the inside to hold your paper firmly in place. The silver clip has a push open function at the top and bottom for easy opening of the claws.

Looking for pages to fill your new grimoire with? Click HERE to start filling your spell book with knowledge!

A Grimoire, or Book of Shadows/Spell Book is a textbook of all things magic. These magically imbued books contain all the workings of the practitioner it belongs too. Inside you’ll find writings on spells, potions, brews, rituals and more. Think of a Grimoire as a magical cookbook for any weaver of magic!

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