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FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

Amber Apothecary Jar


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The amber glass apothecary jar is a practical container that is sure to enhance any magical or herbal collection. It features an apothecary-style design that allows for easy labelling and organisation, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Its amber glass material offers protection from sunlight and UV rays, which can degrade the potency of the contents. The jar’s size is perfect for small to medium-sized herb collections, making it an ideal choice for home herbalists, witches, or anyone interested in natural remedies. Additionally, its tight-fitting lid keeps the contents fresh and prevents moisture from seeping in, thus preventing mould or spoilage.

This 275ml amber glass apothecary jar is an excellent storage option for herbs, teas, and other magical components. 
We are offering the jars separately from the teas, brews, and herbs to keep the overall price down. This way, you can purchase your preferred teas, spices, and herbs at a lower price without accumulating a collection of jars.

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