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Black Mirror Oracle Deck


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The Black Mirror Oracle deck is back and better than ever! Allow this deck to help define direction and increase dedication to your spiritual path as it has with mine! I absolutely love this deck and the profound insight it gives. The images and colours alone are enough for your mind and a spiritual body to wander off on an adventure of self discovery! This is a truly unique deck for everyone and I couldn’t possible praise this deck enough. You will not be disappointed with this oracle deck at all!

The Black Mirror Oracle deck comes with a very in-depth and an easy to follow guide book. As for the deck itself, there are 40 full colour cards measuring at 10cm by 15cm.

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Tarot cards are an excellent way to gain daily or in depth insight for the year to come. Draw one card for a quick peak as to what to watch out for or to gain a message of value. Draw more than one card to show different options, paths, possible out comes or why a situation may happen. This insight can help you change your path for the day or you can accept the card for what it is.

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