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Cast Iron Cut Work Cauldron


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This spectacular mini 8×7.5cm cast iron cauldron is great symbol to all who practice magic. A sturdy cast iron cauldron is ideal for burning incense (resin and herbs) over hot charcoals or for burning candles. Please remember to place some salt, sand or soil at the bottom of the cauldron when burning charcoal incense. Doing so will help protect the base and keep your cauldron in perfect condition!

This cast iron cauldron sits on tripod legs and includes a cut work matching lid, making it the perfect cauldron for the travelling witch. Also looks great for Samhain with an almost pumpkin top looking lid!

Wash with regular detergent and keep oiled with a fine vegetable oil. Iron will season and turn darker with time and use.
Always use caution with open flame. Handle with care as the cauldron will get hot during use.

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A cauldron is not only a versatile witches’ tool, it is also grand in symbolic power. Conjure new life into the world from the cauldrons womb, or drown out the flame from one’s negativity with water held in the vessel. Alternatively, use the cauldron as a centre piece on your altar and allow your mind to drift off into creativity.

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