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Draw Love Spell Powder


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A Draw Love Spell powder is the missing ingredient every Love Spell Weaver needs. Add to spells for mending family relationships, friendships and beauty. For when you welcome love into every aspect of yourself, you’ll radiate with happiness and feel lighter on your feet.

Love is a strong and powerful energy that doesn’t always have to be sexual!

Magical Uses: Love, Attraction, Confidence, Self Appreciation, Beauty

Add this powder to water for a natural ink that looks like blood

Draw Love Spell Powder comes in a corked glass vial.
To maintain the all natural colour of the powder keep out of direct sunlight.
Not for consumption.
Spell powders are vegan friendly as they do not contain egg shell.

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Use spell powders by adding them to magical sachets, coating spell candles, scent potions, casting circles or drawing glyphs. Due to the 100% natural ingredients, spell powders are safe to burn in a fire place or on a charcoal disk. No essential oils, added colours or fragrances.

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