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Goddess Incense Sticks


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Goddess incense sticks to awaken your inner Goddess and for Goddess offerings. This incense pushes one to dig deeper into their intuition, bringing about guidance into one’s dreams. It’s smoke brings about love, creativity, courage, comfort and wisdom when burnt for meditation. The true energy from these Goddess incense sticks is one of empowerment. Something that reawakens your true self, deep from within your soul.

Burn during any Moon phase for Goddess invoking.
Burn daily for a loving and nurturing energy shift after a hard day.

Allow this incense to shift the energies within any space using the element of Air.

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Burn in an incense holder to catch any ash that falls from the stick. Incense ash can be used with salt to create a salt of protection. These handmade incense sticks are high quality, meaning, the scent is strong and the smoke output is low. Stick incense comes in a pack of 10 sticks and each stick burns for approximately 40 minutes, making it perfect for meditation.

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  1. tarynfel

    Smells really nice! I love it.

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