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Hidden Chamber Pendulum


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This  pendulum is securely attached to a 18cm chain and has a hidden chamber. Remove the top of the pendulum by unscrewing the top to reveal the hidden chamber. Add crystals, herbs, spell papers and more to aid in gaining a clearer answer. This pendulum is a witches favourite when it comes to any form of pendulum due to the secret chamber! It’s also great for new witches and those that are curious as the pendulum is a perfect weight and shape.

Call upon the energies around for a clear message, channelled through the magical divination tool!

This magical divination tool comes in an organza bag.

Never used a pendulum before and want to know how? Check out this easy to read beginners guide on pendulum magic HERE.
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The magical art of divination is simply the act of sourcing your own divinity or gaining aid from guides, to bring forth answers and guidance for problem solving. When it comes to using your pendulum, allow your ego to take a back seat, release control and let the energy flow from yourself or guides down the cord to create the swinging answers.

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