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Lapis Lazuli Wand Pendulum


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This Lapis Lazuli wand pendulum is the only pendulum you’ll ever need! It has a clear quartz sphere on the top, with Lapis Lazuli in the middle and a clear quartz point on the bottom, creating a beautiful wand pendulum.

Lapis lazuli is the Queen’s Stone. It enhances your self-esteem, wisdom and intuition and connects you to feelings of power and royalty. It’s also a crystal for the Third Eye, bringing luck, wisdom and deepening your spiritual connection.

Clear Quartz is the perfect master crystal every witch, healer and spiritual practitioner should have. It contains all colours and therefore, reflects all forms of energy, making it perfect to use on crystal grids. Clear Quartz amplifies and directs energy in a powerful way, making it great for healing and dispelling negative energy.

Pendulum comes in an organza bag.
Please beware that the colour and shape of the stones may vary as it is a natural stone.

Never used a pendulum before and want to know how? Check out this easy to read beginners guide on pendulum magic HERE.
Want to learn more about magic? Click HERE for all free resources or join the Inner Circle for more in-depth lessons.

The magical art of divination is simply the act of sourcing your own divinity or gaining aid from guides, to bring forth answers and guidance for problem solving. When it comes to using your pendulum, allow your ego to take a back seat, release control and let the energy flow from yourself or guides down the cord to create the swinging answers.

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