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FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

Magical Advice, Short


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If you’re looking for some quick magical advice then this is for you! This consult is for those times for when you ask “Should I use this?” or “What’s the best for…?”.
Alternatively, think of this a quick lesson on a topic of your choice!

And yes, this does extend to the “darker” side of magic.

This purchase does not include anything about herbalism (medical).

Please remember that the owner of Speak in Spells isn’t Wiccan. If your issue is best suited to another path/practitioner, you will be recommended another Australian practitioner of the craft.

Magical advice consults are in the form of email (1-2 emails only) or via a 15 minute chat over the phone or Instagram call.

To order, simply fill in the magical issue you need advice with in the text box above the add to cart button. Make sure to add in which type of consult you would like, example: Email consult or live chat (phone or instagram call).
Please be aware that if you select live chat, we will need to arrange a day, time and if we will be talking via over phone or instagram call.

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