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Protection Spell Bottle


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This protection bottle spell is a modern take on the old witch bottles found around the 16th century. Witch bottles are to be hidden around the property and filled with items that will protect you and those you love.

This spell has a bit of bite to it and may not be something that a Wiccan practitioner would want. The purpose of this spell is to protect the caster while throwing any harm back to where it came from, but with a potent punch.

Protection Bottle Contains: Spell Scroll, Beeswax Candle, Black Pouch, Pins, Bottle, Herbs and Crystals
This spell also requires some rusted nails and a protection oil of sorts.

Spells should be cast at certain times, use the planetary times guide for help by clicking HERE.
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Parental supervision maybe required for younger people.
Follow the directions written on the spell scroll. Keep your intention clear and focused when weaving your magic, as this allows the universe to hear and receive your strongest intent.

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