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FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

Resin Runes


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These white resin Runes are perfect for anyone new to the craft and/or divination. Casting runes, bones and other objects has been a practice in divination work since the beginning of recorded history. They’re a primordial form of psychological assessment, and were cast and read by oracles much the same way we use Tarot cards and Oracle cards today!

Each rune has its own meaning and influence. You can cast one to give you foresight into your day as part of a daily meditation or practice. There are many ways to work with the insight divination work offers. Explore your own experience to see what works for you.

This set offers you 25 white resin runes. A set of runes containing the entire Elder Futhark and one blank rune stone.
Stones vary in size and comes in a velvet bag. Does not include Rune information.

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The magical art of divination is simply the act of sourcing your own divinity or gaining aid from guides, to bring forth answers and guidance for problem solving.

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