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Rider Waite Tarot Pack


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The Rider Waite tarot pack is an excellent deck for anyone starting off their Tarot journey! First issued in 1910, each card is rich in symbolism and striking in its design. It’s one of the most popular decks to start off with due to it’s easy to use nature.

The Rider Waite tarot pack comes with 78-cards and small booklet. This booklet explains the history and symbolism of the cards and gives instructions on how to use them for purposes of divination.
This edition includes a specially commissioned foreword by Liz Greene.

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Tarot cards are an excellent way to gain daily or in depth insight for the year to come. Draw one card for a quick peak as to what to watch out for or to gain a message of value. Draw more than one card to show different options, paths, possible out comes or why a situation may happen. This insight can help you change your path for the day or you can accept the card for what it is.

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