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Ritual Dagger of Invocation


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This ritual dagger is one of pure psychic strength and invocation. With runes burnt into fallen wood and a blade of Agate, this dagger carries a high energy of strength, inner growth, and self confidence. This dagger is instrumental to release what no longer serves you and will aid you in summoning what you desire. Be careful when dealing with summoning beings, always cast a spell of protection.

Just as a cool little side note from history. Agate was thought to staunch bleeding wounds if adorned on a blade or sword and was highly valued in the Middle Ages!

Use this ritual dagger for power spells of invocation, protection, strength and spiritual power

Ritual daggers, blades and Athames are for ritual use only. Do not use these daggers as weapons or for physically cutting objects.
These ritual daggers by Esmeralda are one of a kind and will not return once sold.

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This ritual dagger is the magical creation of Esmeralda the Local Hag, found right here in South Australia!
Made with crystals, fallen wood and pyrography (wood burning). Total length of dagger is around 28cm with the natural agate blade around 12.5cm in length.
Due to the natural nature of the crystal blade and wood, not all ritual daggers are the same.

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