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Selenite, Tumbled


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Selenite is the go to stone for any healer, light worker and witch, for it purifies all energy, bringing light to the dark. It is peaceful and gentle, yet strong and potent. It purifies all the energy within a space, raising it to a higher vibration. This gentle yet strong stone will aid you in attuning to your higher self for the greater good of all things.

Place Selenite around your sacred space, healing room or areas of the home that have a low energy frequency.

Please do not get this stone wet, it will start to fall apart.

Magical Uses: Crown Chakra, Deep Peace, Moon Magic, Clarity, Higher Conscious, Purifying, Healing

Before using any new crystal, you should always cleanse each crystal of its previous energy, making it ready for its new intended purpose. This magical crystal comes with an information card in an organza bag.

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Crystals are like little power houses of magical energy, with each crystal holding its own purpose. These beautiful stones help to further your magical goal through daily use and wear. Place them in spell bags, in your own personal bag or pocket, on your altar, garden or where ever you feel you need a powerful boost in magic. Leave them out on a Full Moons night to recharge their powerful energy.

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