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Stainless Steel Tongs & Snuffer


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Stainless steel tongs are a must have for any spell weaver when it comes to burning charcoal, spell scrolls, herbs, incense and snuffing out candle flames. Made of stainless steel from India, these are flexible enough to burn the largest and smallest of items. These are small enough to hide in any draw, yet strong enough to hold onto hot cauldrons and glassware.

These tongs are so versatile that I can’t image my craft without them!

Never light a charcoal disk whilst holding it in your hand, always burn with tongs or another holding device. Just because you’re casting spells, doesn’t mean you can’t be safe!
Grab some Three Kings Charcoal, it’s the best charcoal for all your burning rituals.

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Tongs, when used to burn materials for a long time, will become hot. Place the hot tongs on to a heat resistant surface. The heat of the hot metal tongs is enough to melt plastic and leave burn marks in wooden and soft surfaces.

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