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The Pythonic Tarot


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The Pythonic Tarot deck is the culmination of 3 and a half years worth of work and collected wisdom by Antipodean artist-witch, Jessica Shaw. Each card is wonderfully and vibrantly illustrated allowing for an easier read. These cards hold so much emotional energy and powerful messages that this deck is a must have for any witch.

These cards are absolutely magical and you’ll never find a deck like this one anywhere else!
Comes with an easy to read book with image explanations and meaning of each card.

Inspired by the Chthonic forces of the Great Python – protector and servant of Gaia, the keeper of Oracles and visions.

The Pythonic Tarot deck set includes:
– A full 79 card deck, including two versions of Trump XIII, DEATH
– Cards measure 7.5cm x 12.5cm (3 inches x 5 inches)
– A richly detailed guidebook and carrier box to compliment the deck

This is a self made and produced deck by the wonderful Jessica Shaw. Due to the deck not being mass produced, there are a limited supply of decks printed each year!

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Tarot cards are an excellent way to gain daily or in depth insight for the year to come. Draw one card for a quick peak as to what to watch out for or to gain a message of value. Draw more than one card to show different options, paths, possible out comes or why a situation may happen. This insight can help you change your path for the day or you can accept the card for what it is.

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