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Three Kings Charcoal Disks


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Foil package of 10 Three Kings charcoal briquettes, always fresh and the best charcoal tablets for burning resin and loose incense blends. Long-burning, and super easy to light. Packaged in foil tubes, well sealed against moisture and dust.

To use: simply put the charcoal tablet into the heat safe container or cast iron cauldron.
Take a lighter, or long match, and hold the flame to the edges.
The disk should light, crackle and move across the surface of the disk.
The resulting surface looks much like molten lava in solid form. Once the disk is red hot, place your loose incense (resin, powder, herbs) on the charcoal tablet and add more as needed to keep the smoke moving through your sacred space.

Keep your Three Kings Charcoal disks in an air tight container once you’ve opened them. This prevents the disks absorbing moisture and becoming unlightable. These briquettes are large enough to be cut in half for a shorter burning time and to double the usage.

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Please practice safe burning. Never leave a burning charcoal dish unattended. Keep away from flammable objects, pets and children. Burning incense and oils on a charcoal disk can create a lot of smoke, so burn in a well ventilated area.

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