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Tranquil Space Incense Sticks


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This tranquil space incense has been a life saver after a chaotic day, calming the mind and easing the flow into a meditative state. The light, yet floral earth scent drifts the mind into a state of calm, easing angers, fears and hate. With your energy in check, your racing mind slowed, thoughts and magic come with ease and clarity!

Burn Tranquil Space Incense to aid in relaxing the mind, body and spirit for meditation.
Alternatively, burn this incense daily within an area that becomes chaotic with energy to create peace and harmony.

Allow this incense to shift the energies within any space using the element of Air.

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Burn in an incense holder to catch any ash that falls from the stick. Incense ash can be used with salt to create a salt of protection. These handmade incense sticks are high quality, meaning, the scent is strong and the smoke output is low. Stick incense comes in a pack of 10 sticks and each stick burns for approximately 40 minutes, making it perfect for meditation.

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