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Tudor Chocolate Hot Chocolate


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This Tudor Chocolate spice alchemy blend is the wonderful creation of Rhi O’Geraghty. Tudor Chocolate blends New World cocoa and red chilli with ginger, cinnamon and mace for a truly HOT hot chocolate! Alternatively, add some of the mix to baked goods like cookies and muffins for an extra chocolatey, spicy kick.

Let the mixes of Spice Alchemy take your taste buds on an adventure through the culinary history of spice. Be tempted, be inspired and enjoy the unique continuing experience of Spice Alchemy.

Spice Alchemy mixes do not contain any preservatives, fillers, artificial colours or flavours.

This blend is gluten and lactose free. It contains certified organic spices, herbs and sugar.

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Rioghnach O’Geraghty was the sweetest of old souls and a spice maker extraordinaire! None of these spice blends would be possible if it weren’t for her love of the old ways. Speak in Spells will continue blending Spice Alchemy’s much loved spice blends for all to enjoy. The spice must flow, as she would say!
Slàinte Mhaith!

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