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Two Tone Brass Bell


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This small two tone brass bell is a powerful tool for everyone. When rung, the sound vibrations create a unique energy that can be used to cleanse spaces and objects, as well as to invoke spirits and deities. The two tone aspect of the bell is significant. In some belief systems, the two tones represent the duality of the universe, such as light and dark, or masculine and feminine. By incorporating this symbolism into your practice, you’ll be able to harness the balancing and harmonising magic of the bell.

Additionally, the small size of the bell makes it easy to carry and use in various rituals and spells. Whether for cleansing a new home, invoking a specific spirit, or simply setting the mood for a magical practice, this two-tone brass bell is a versatile and valuable tool for any practitioner.

Chrome Plated Brass. 2″

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