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FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

Wormwood – Ars Magica


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Expand your grimoire and magical knowledge with the Ars Magica box Wormwood edition.

The Wormwood edition of Ars Magica comes with the following:

  • An exclusive green corked jar labelled with the magical uses and a few suggestions of how to use the herb
  • Grimoire page with magical connections to Wormwood
  • Wormwood blended oil
  • 2x small beeswax blended candles

The Speak in Spells witches have carefully selected herbs, crystals, tarot cards and more to aid you in understanding magical principles, refining your abilities, and developing your unique style. Each box encourages creativity, exploration, and self-reflection, leading to a deeper connection with the spiritual realm. With affordable resources and essential knowledge for spellweavers, the Ars Magica box is the perfect tool to elevate your craft. Discover new techniques, experiment with different forms of magic, and grow as a witch with the Ars Magica box series.

Want to learn more about magic? Click HERE for all free resources or join the Inner Circle for more in-depth lessons.

The Ars Magica box offers witches an inexpensive way to acquire knowledge. Prices are variable. Parental supervision maybe required for younger people.

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