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Wormwood Oil Blend


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Wormwood Oil Properties: Protection, Cursing, Vengeance, Calling Spirits, Psychic Power

Element: Fire
Planet: Mars

Wear wormwood oil on self to aid developing psychic powers or to protect against bewitchment. Use during the thinning of the veil (Samhain and Beltaine) to summon Spirits.
For malice purposes, anoint candles, poppets or other ritual items to casts spells of malice and curses.

This oil is not suitable for a diffuser/humidifier.
FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Don’t ingest this or any other oil.
Keep out of the reach of children and away from eyes. Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding.
Base oil ingredients: Coconut Oil

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Many of the herbs, roots and flowers are grown and harvested by the owner of Speak in Spells.
Due to the homegrown nature of the botanical offerings, Enchanted Herbs are in limited and seasonal supply.
The Enchanted Garden maybe big but it is not big enough to supply a huge demand. Some herbs and oils may be out of stock for an extended period of time!

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