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Recapture Bath Magic

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Lately I’ve been trying to recapture the magic of having a bath without actually having a bath due to renovations. 

To me, I find the magic of a bath one of the most simple forms of magic. You can fill the bath with all sorts of salts, crystals, herbs, oils and more to obtain the goal you’re after. Hell, you don’t have to add anything to the bath at all! Simply visualise all the built up negativity over the day/week and watch it wash away, all the way down the drain.

Keep in mind, while this is a blog about bath magic, it’s also about how you can recapture bath magic in the shower! Not all of us have baths at home and I feel that it’s important to partake in this ritual daily, or at the very least, weekly.

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5 Ways to Weave Bath Magic

1) Prioritise Yourself

Most of your days are busy with work, chores and family life, leaving little time for yourself. It’s time to carve a small part of the day out for yourself as you more than deserve it. Now, this is something that I will preach and not practice, but as long as your “to do list” may be, you need to include yourself at the top. Tune in to how you feel within the moment and take care of yourself. For when you take time to nurture yourself, you have more to offer everyone else

2) Give Your Sacred Space A Makeover

You need to create a space that fully supports your energy and need for relaxation. Deep clean your bathroom and clear it of clutter. Go through all the products and check the expiration date. If it’s not expired and you haven’t used it for over 18 months, give it away – you’re never going to use it. Add plants to your space that remove toxins, add oxygen and add some grounding Earth energy into the mix. Even though it may seem silly, changing your light bulb to an energy efficient led makes for a warmer, loving ambiance. 

3) Include Your Favourite Items

Your bath is now your sacred space to connect to the element of Water but now it’s time to incorporate practical items into the mix. Surround your tub with candles and crystals to help protect and replenish your energy field. Add salts and soaps into the bath to heal and wash away what no longer serves. Add some herbs and soak up the magic of the plants. Alternatively, add some healing or essentials oils as they already hold the element of water. It’s all about what magic you conjure to aid you in relaxing and revitalising yourself.

4) Tap into the Element of Water

An easy way to tap into the magic of water is by drawing a bath and allowing your body to float. As you soak, imagine you’re in a larger body of water that flows, allowing your emotions to shift and move freely. All your emotions are valid and they belong. However, now is a good time to release the need to control or edit your feelings by pulling the plug from your bath and watching them flow down the drain.

5) No Bath? No Worries!

I often hear or read the phrase “I don’t have a bath.” but when it comes to Water magic, you don’t need one! Everything can be taken to shower, including the candles, soaking salts and crystals you love. Place a crystal or create a crystal grid in a soap dish (make sure they’re water safe). Place some candles on the sink bench or in the sink surrounded by water. Cleanse yourself with a magical soap. Pop your soaking salts into a cotton or muslin bag and hang over the shower head to release the magic. You can now recapture bath magic by turning your typical shower experience into a magical one. 

Bath for Health

Water magic in the form of a bath or shower is essential for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It gives you a sense of peace and balance after a stressful day. It’s an easy and practical form of magic. Have fun mixing up the items for your bath ritual to to recapture the ancient magic of water magic. 

May we Speak in Spells again soon.

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