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FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia
Samhain in Adelaide: 30 April

Recycling Program

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For awhile now we’ve wanted to do some sort of a recycling program for our witchcraft items that come in a glass container, and now it is finally possible!

We are introducing this recycling program to try and reduce the need to import glass from interstate and overseas.  

For us, recycling is a practical and meaningful part of practicing witchcraft which this little shop takes seriously. It’s a way to show respect for the Earth and everything it provides for us. This is why, over the many years, we have removed all forms of plastic from out packaging and have moved to glass and paper. However, we are now trying to reduce the impact of emissions used to make and transport these goods and we would like your help in doing so.

How Does it Work?

You return any of the following that has been purchased from us:

  • Non-damaged glass jars, bottles and containers (without lids, droppers, pumps or misters)
  • Packing beans
  • Auspost boxes
  • Charms

In exchange for returning the above listed items to us, we will credit your account (via reward points) $15 for helping our environment.

The box must be full in order to receive credit. You will not be credited for sending back single or few items. 

What Do I Need To Do?

Create an account here on Speak in Spells if you don’t already have one.

  • Keep a box from any order from Speak in Spells (or an Auspost box) and fill it with empty glass containers from our shop.
  • Once the box is full, write your full name (first and last) and email address on a piece of paper and send the box to us at:
  • PO Box 482, Marlestone DC SA 5033, Australia
  • Once we have received and processed the box, we will add 300 reward points to your account (equals $15) and send out an email for confirmation.

Do I Have to Pay for Postage?

Yes, but you get it back and then some!
A “small” Auspost box or small satchel to one of our boxes in (currently) doesn’t cost over $10. So when you return your glass containers, we credit you $15 to spend with us, making up for the postage you spent and giving you a little extra to go towards your next purchase.

All Auspost orders come with tracking, we do NOT credit for missing packages.

How to Make Sure You Get Your Credit

  1. Include your full name and email address
  2. Make sure you send us back our glass containers only (and any corks)
  3. Pay the correct postage (small Auspost box or satchel)

You will receive your credits as soon as the box has been processed – an email will be sent out to notify.

Do I Have To?

Absolutely not! All Australian local councils have a recycling program, you can just pop the boxes and glass containers in there, or pop the beans in the compost since they’re made from corn and rice. Some people like to send their containers back, especially the hard to get containers as it reduces the need to import them in. Thus, it reduces harmful emissions into the environment and allows us to create our items quicker if we aren’t waiting on imports.

Contact us if you have any questions about this program.

If you’re interested helping us recycle, thank you and we shall speak in spells again soon!

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