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The Fool Tarot

The Fool card in tarot is not a card that often shows itself in my readings. This is probably due to the fact my deck has a no “bs” type of talk and I’ve only seen it come up a handful of times over the years as I see it as a double edge sword.

In mainstream readings, it is seen as a card of hope, innocence and new journeys/beginnings. Which I agree with, but on the other hand, the Fool card is card of folly, mistakes and really just “acting the fool”.

When the Fool card shows itself in a reading, it really does change the entire energy of the room. This one card can make a positive read turn negative in an instant depending on the other cards. It’s like a reversal card without having to have done the reading using reversed cards at all. Heads up, the descriptions for each life path will be a little long in this article.

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