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Types of Crystals

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The various types of crystals have a significant impact on the energy outcomes that one seeks. Although some may believe that crystal shapes hold no purpose or meaning, the truth is that they do matter.

Through exploring the various crystal types, one may realise that their shapes play a crucial role in determining the desired energy outcomes.

Understanding the importance of crystal types is essential in effectively manifesting desired energies. Therefore, it is important to delve deeper into the significance of crystal shapes and their impact on energy outcomes.

By doing so, one can better comprehend the roles of different crystal types so let’s explore!

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Types of Crystals

Single Terminators

The most common type of natural crystal point there is! The crystal naturally grows into a point, generally with six sides, and acts as a focus for the crystals energy. Because of this, it’s perfect for healing and amplifying energy towards a target.

Double Terminated

These are the type of crystal that have points on both ends. Naturally, much rarer than the single point crystals. Although, it’s fairly common to find double terminated crystals that have been shaped by man. Both types of crystals, natural and made, project energy from both ends, creating a unified energy field.


These are stunningly beautiful groups of varied sized crystals sharing s common base. Clusters help to create Balance and Harmony, especially in group situations, making them great for a family room or office. These are ideal for cleansing and recharging other crystals. Simply place the crystal on top of the cluster for five or more hours.

Polished Generators

These crystals are enhanced by skilful polishing and shaping of the point to create a better focus of energy flow. These crystals respond well to programming and make great focus points for crystal grids.


This type of crystal is a powerful geometric form. The crystals energy is focused on the apex, making it ideal for mediation rooms and crystal healing rooms.

Crystal Balls

Gazing into or meditating with a crystal ball helps you to recall and release the past, and perhaps see the future. Small crystal balls are great for healing massages.

Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are smooth on all sides, allowing for gentle massage and energy focus over a particular area.

The Magic of Crystal Types

Crystal types are crucial in energy focus, with clusters aiding in recharging and cleansing, points and pyramids aiding in focusing, and crystal balls aiding in past and future gazing. Understanding the roles of crystal types can aid in better manifestation of desired energy outcomes.

So next time you choose a crystal, consider its type and purpose for your energy goals.

I hope we speak in spells again soon!

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