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Types of Magic Candles

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When it comes to candle magic, there are many types of candles to choose from with many purposes. This may be utterly overwhelming when you start looking into candle magic, but it doesn’t have to be!

Let me help you make sense of all the different shapes, sizes and uses of candles in magic!

This article is all about the different sizes, styles and purposes of each candle and a little about what intention they bring. The colours of candle magic have already been spoken about in a previous article.

Just remember, when it comes to performing candle magic, you don’t NEED to have a certain shaped candle. As long as the candle hasn’t been used, it’s perfect.

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The Types of Magic Candles

Figure or Adam and Eve Candles

These candles are the nude form of either a male or female. Most of the time, these candles are for love or relationship type spells. However, these candles are also great for representative magic. Use them for healing oneself or another, push away someone unwanted or draw in abundance.

Zodiac or Astral Candles

These candles don’t really come in any specific shape or size, it’s just a name you may hear from time to time. This candle represents the zodiac of or someone else by its colour.

Cat Candles

Pretty self explanatory with what it looks like, a cat and usually black. These candles are for protection, banishing hexes and bringing in good luck. If you find a cat candle in green, this is an excellent candle to use for healing pet magic.

Devotional or Novena Candles

These candles are thin and long and come in its own glass jar. On the glass of the jar, there’s usually a picture of a saint or deity and its burnt when asking for a petition. Due to the size and glass jar, these candles will burn for seven to nine days and a pretty difficult to find within Australia.

Altar, Pillar or Jumbo Candles

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These are my favourite type of candle to make my altar look magical. They’re tall and thick, the largest candles you’ll probably ever use. Since these candles are so large in size, they are great for representing and honouring deities/powers with which you wish to communicate with. These candles are the first to be lit and the last to be extinguished! Once lit, I use the flame from this candle to light the rest of the candles.

Reversing or Double Action Candles

Don’t be fooled by two colour candles, a proper reversing candle is a solid colour candle dipped in another colour. The idea of these candles is that the solid colour is your intention and that the dipped colour, is the energy hanging on to or blocking the true intention. These candles are usually dipped in black as it is usually some form of negativity that you want removed from your true intention.

Separation Candles

Another type of dipped candle except, this solid red candle is dipped entirely in black wax. Use extreme care when burning this candle and only after much consideration since the purpose of this candle is to separate a person from another’s enthralment.

Mummy Candles

Not common in Australia, but these candles come in the shape of a mummy in a coffin. It’s purpose is to ward off illness, death and other dangerous situations. Almost like the skull candle.

Chime Candles

By far, these candles are a favourite amongst all spell casters. Tiny in size, yet they pack a punch and come in many colours. These little candles are usually drip-less and burn for about 2 hours, the perfect amount of time for a decent ritual or spell

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Skull Candles

These candles tend to pop up during the time of Halloween but did you know they have a place in magic? Skull candles, of course, are the shape of a skull and are used in powerful magics of healing serious, deadly or terminal illnesses. However, some do use these for darker purposes like hexes and curses.

Satan or Devil be Gone Candles

This candle is the image of the Christian devil and not many pagans will use this candle. Burn this candle in the same way you would a deity candle for worship of the Christian Devil or to remove horrible spirits from within your home.

Seven Knob Candles

The idea of these candles is that you burn a knob each day to build up what your desire. This works even better when you time it with the planetary hour of your intent. Since it takes seven days to complete the spell, these candles are extremely powerful and are perfect for when you want to manifest something long term.

Manifest Your Intentions

To make the best of a candle spell, it is always a good practice to have the right colour. Not only does it looks great, but it helps draw in the energy what you’re trying to manifest.

Not all spells need to be elaborate. A simple coloured candle, burnt with intention, is enough to start shifting the energies needed to manifest your true hearts desire. Carve your intention, cover it in magical oils specific to your intention, all things big or small help your spell to be successful!.

I hope this article helps you understand the different types of candles for magic and we Speak in Spells again soon.

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