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Luck Spell Candle


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Old tales say that luck plays a crucial role in each person’s life so why not change it with a spell candle? This luck spell candle is just what you need to flip the coin of fate and draw good luck to your side, or give bad luck to another.

Allow this richly infused spell candle to draw in the energy needed to manifest what you desire. I found burning this candle daily changed my unlucky streak into something much more successful, and it also changed my negative thought of “just my luck”. And yes, this candle does help with some gambling situations but don’t go over board with it.

Burn a Luck spell candle to change unlucky conditions and bring in good fortune.

Place candle in a votive holder to increase the burn time from 8 hours to approximately 15 hours. Trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time. For tips on how to get the most out of your candles, head over to the Candle Care page.

These candles are handmade and may have minor blemishes or slight colour change.

Imbued with powerful oils and magic, spell candles are the perfect way to shift the energy within a room. Raise and draw the intended energies in by lighting the enchanted candle before casting your spell.

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2 reviews for Luck Spell Candle

  1. tarynfel (verified owner)

    I love this candle for good luck and it smells amazing!

  2. Taylah Owens

    Not only is the smell divine and the energy of hope and luck tangible, I found it helps with the self esteem of whoever is using it. When I pair it with the love candle with the intention of self love, nothing can keep me down!

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