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FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

Protection Spell Bag


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A Protection spell bag is what everyone needs! Think of this bag as your portable shield to deflect the negative. No body wants to leave their home and become an energetic feast for energy leeches!

Place a protection spell bag within any room. Place it by windows or doors to prevent unwanted things from entering your home. Alternatively, carry this bag with you to prevent energy cords becoming attached to you through out the day.

Once you dedicate a spell bag to yourself or another, it is important that only yourself or the person it is dedicated to uses it.

To undo the magic contained within, simply untie the knots and empty out the contents (must include the bag and charm with this one) into a bin or bury within the earth.

All spell bags contain salt, herbs, crystals and essential oils all magically inline with the spells purpose.

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Spell bags (or charm bags) contain specific magical ingredients to draw forth the desired intent or spell! Think of spell bags as an alternative to a spell jar.

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