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Witch’s Shield Mist


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When it’s too hot to be casting spells using candles, use an enchanted mist to bring a true shield of a witch’s protection. Full of herbs and crystals of protection, allow this mist to deflect negative energy and mend holes in your auric shield. No body wants to leave their home and become an energetic feast for energy leeches.

Use Witch’s Shield enchanted mist to deflect psychic attacks, negative energy, potential bad luck and protect from energy depletion

To Use: Spray around yourself, another, your home or sacred space to invoke the energies within the potion!
Shake before use.

All Enchanted Mists contain hydrosols (water from the distiller from making essential oil), crystal infusion and alcohol.

If the scorching Aussie summer isn’t effecting your ability to burn candles, check out the enchanted spell candle range HERE.

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Enchanted mists are the perfect way to shift the energies within a room or around a person without needing to use heat. Sometimes places do not allow the use of fire or smoke, and so this where mists are the perfect option!

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  1. Taylah Owens (verified owner)

    Perfect. Absolutely perfect. We keep ours by the front door and spray ourselves and the door before leaving.

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