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Palo Santo Sticks


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These chunky Palo Santo sticks are perfect for purifying and creating a strong connection to the spirit realm. The sticks create a fresh smelling smoke that provides uplifting energies for any sacred space. Palo Santo is a powerful tree that grows on the coast of South America and its name, in Spanish, literally means “Holy Wood”. Think of Palo Santo sticks as the ultimate cleanser! Not only will the smoke clear all the negative energy out, it brings back the energy of love and balance.

Allow the sweet smell of Palo Santo to calm your mind and balance your inner self.

Magical uses: Purification, Cleansing, Calming, Spiritual Growth, Protection, Happiness, Meditation, New Beginnings

Burn and smoulder to create a cleansing smoke that removes stagnant energies from rooms, objects and people. Alternatively, you can burn the wood on a charcoal disk like you would with loose incense. And if you’re not a fan of smoke cleanses, try using the smokeless method with an Enchanted Mist potion!

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If you do not wish to burn the cleansing stick due to fire hazards, add the bundle to boiling water to release an aromatic steam. Alternatively, use this cleansing wand as an offering on your altar. Try hanging it over your door or in a room as a natural air freshener. You can even hang it in your shower and allow the steam to release the aromatic qualities instead of boiling it.

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