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Ways to Use Crystals

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Looking for ways to use crystals to enhance your witchcraft practice? You’re in luck! The world of crystals offers a vast array of magical possibilities, from creating powerful elixirs and oils to carrying stones with you to boost intention and energy.

Whether you’re looking to increase your intuition, attract love, or protect your home from negative energy, there are countless ways to incorporate magical gems into your practice.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most effective ways to use crystals for witchcraft, and provide tips for programming and charging your stones for maximum impact. So let’s dive into the magical world of crystals and unlock their full potential for your craft!

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Ways to Use Crystals

  • Crushing your crystals to a powder and adding it to spell powders and candles is an effective way to empower these items with the crystal’s properties.
  • Programming a crystal with intent and carrying it with you is another way to access its power and store your own magic within the stone.
  • Wearing crystal jewellery is an easy and stylish way to carry the magic of a crystal with you.
  • Adding crystals to oils can further empower spell oils or essential oils, but it is important to ensure that the crystal is safe for moisture as some may be damaged.
  • Incorporating crystals into ritual bath salts can be a powerful way to empower oneself before casting spells.
  • Placing obelisk crystal pillars around the outside of the bath or adding large magical crystals to the water can further enhance the experience.
  • Adding crystals to dream pillows, spell bags, and mojo bags can also amplify their energy. Charging crystals and herbs and combining them in a sachet can create a powerful talisman.
  • Making crystal elixirs by adding crystals to magical water under a full moon can be a potent way to empower oneself internally. These elixirs can be consumed or added to oil burners, bath water, or floor washes.
  • Finally, using a single stone related to a chakra for healing can be very effective. Placing the crystal on top of the chakra while lying down can align and balance the energy centres of the body.

Hide Your Crystals

Empower your home and plants with the magic of crystals while keeping your beliefs hidden from others.

Bury charged crystals when potting new plants to return earth’s gift to the soil and imbue the plant with magical energy.

To draw wealth and prosperity into your home, place sun-loving crystals near the window, hidden in plain sight.

To protect yourself from nightmares and promote restful sleep, hide loving and calming crystals under the bed or headboard, cleansing and recharging them regularly.

Next to plants that need healing or growth, place a big clear quartz crystal to amplify their vitality.

For protection, hide crystals around doorways, under stairs, and in each corner of your home, keeping them cleansed and recharged. But never place crystals in your car or motorbike, as it can be extremely dangerous.

Earth's Bounty

When using crystals, it’s essential to handle them with care and acknowledge their origins as precious gifts from the earth. You can always return a crystal to the earth without causing harm. I only say this as crystals are fast becoming a trend and many are harvested unethically. Take the time to look around for the crystals that call your name and use them wisely.

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