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How to Ground

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Learning how to ground your energy is a good practice that will remove the heightened state of your spirit and mind. Grounding sounds like its going to be some long, elaborate ritual after you’ve just completed your ritual, but it doesn’t have to be.

Grounding can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like it. I see it as a form of meditation, one that helps you to focus your thoughts, calms your heightened energy down and balances your spirit back out. Balance is very important in magic, not just life.

Let’s jump into the many ways of how to ground your energy!

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Some quick ways of how to ground energy

There are many ways of grounding your energy, I suggest you try a variety of methods and find the one that is most effective and comfortable for you!

Rooting Yourself

No, this isn’t self pleasure, this is a form of getting Mother Earth to help out.

  • For this method to work, stand barefoot in either the grass or dirt
  • Imagine your energy extending down through your legs and sinking into the earth, becoming roots
  • Feel the earth’s energy flow up into your body, all the way to your head and then back down and out through your roots
  • Continue this cycle until you feel calm and comfortable

This energy will cycle through you and clear away any excess energy as well as solving any energy blockages you might have.


If you’re like me and fast before spell work, eating is an excellent way of helping your body get in tune with your spirit. Nourishing your body can help to reconnect you to your physical self and refuel depleted energy. Sit down for a hearty, healthy meal and give it your full attention. Think about the colour, the smell, how many bites you take. This helps to pull you back into your body fully after intense spiritual experiences or spell work and gives you a moment to relax.

Stones and Crystals

Certain stones and crystals can be grounding. Hematite is particularly good for this purpose. Other crystals include; Fire Agate, Red Jasper, Moss Agate, Shungite, Smokey Quartz Crystals, Black Diopside and Turquoise. All excellent for spiritual and emotional grounding.


Simply focusing on your breath can encourage your energy to equalise on its own. Lay or sit down somewhere comfortable and visualise yourself in third person.

Grounding To Relax

Grounding doesn’t have to be exclusive to spell or spiritual work. It is an excellent to centre your emotions after a long day and perfect for banishing away fiery emotions of anger, before or after a fight! Take your high emotional energy and turn it into a calm state of mind, body and spirit.

Try practising a simple grounding technique after your spell or spiritual work, see how you feel over the next few days. When you practice something with repetition, it becomes habit and this is one healthy habit for your magical needs!

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