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Imbolc in Adelaide: August 1

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Imbolc in Adelaide: August 1

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I was going to write an article on the 5 foods of Mabon, but due to family emergencies, I’m pivoting towards a Mabon planting guide.

This guide is specifically tailored for the Australian autumn, helping you prepare your garden for the upcoming winter, spring, and early summer. The transition to cooler months offers a unique opportunity to cultivate a garden that will flourish across seasons.

With the right selection of plants, you can ensure a lush, productive garden that brings joy and sustenance throughout the year. Here are my top plants that I plant every year come the Autumn equinox (Mabon), and I think you should have these too!

What to Plant in Autumn

When planning an autumn garden in Australia, consider planting these herbs and foods for a bountiful harvest during the winter and towards the beginning of summer!

  1. Garlic – Plant cloves directly into the ground to ensure they have enough time to develop before the summer heat.
  2. Onions – Choose a sunny spot to sow onion seeds or plant seedlings, as they require a long growing season.
  3. Spinach – Sow spinach seeds in a cool, partially shaded area of the garden to avoid the plants bolting (going to seed) too quickly.
  4. Peas – Directly sow pea seeds into the soil. They thrive in cooler weather and can be supported by trellises or stakes as they grow.
  5. Broccoli – Plant broccoli seedlings or seeds in well-draining soil and ensure they receive plenty of sunlight for best development.
  6. Coriander – Sow coriander seeds in a spot that receives morning sun and afternoon shade to prevent the plants from bolting.
  7. Kale – Plant kale in a sunny area of the garden. It is a hardy vegetable that can tolerate cooler temperatures and even improve in flavour after a frost.


These plants generally appreciate the cooler temperatures of autumn and will provide a variety of fresh produce for your kitchen. For the northern parts of Australia, these may still grow ok but I’m not too sure as I only have experience growing in South Australia.

The reason why i specify cooler temperatures is because plants like broccoli, kale and coriander tend to bolt and become bitter when the weather warms up. 

Not the Time to Plant

Many Australian witchcraft stores have been posting on social media over the last week, using AI to suggest “what to plant for Mabon”, and I can tell you now, their recommendations are not timely. They’re suggesting planting things like apples, pumpkins, rosemary, pears, and stone fruits, which are actually ready to harvest at the autumn equinox, not to plant.

Stone fruits have finished producing fruit before summer or very early summer. While one might argue you should plant stone fruits now, I wouldn’t recommend it, nor would any gardener. Wait to plant them until the tree is dormant (no leaves on the tree), letting it rest in the ground until it’s ready to awaken in the spring or early summer.

Yeh, there’s a little AI generated dig in here but social media is rampant with it in the Australian witchcraft community. At this point, it really is just spreading misinformation to people that have no idea and are egar to learn. 

A Tiny Guide

This very tiny Mabon planting guide offers free advice on what to plant for Mabon, the Autumn Equinox. I might delve deeper into planting with the seasons for Inner Circle members later on.

Now, while it’s not strictly “witchcraft,” witchcraft emphasises being in tune with the seasons, eating seasonally, and living seasonally. As witches, the least we can do is understand what grows during each season and what to plant, rather than depending on poorly produced AI social media posts.

Hopefully this Mabon planting guide is a step towards embracing seasonal living and gardening with a hint of the Craft woven within.

May we Speak in Spells again soon!

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