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To celebrate Litha in Australia, there are numerous ways that blend local traditions with the essence of the summer solstice.

As December brings the longest day of the year to the Southern Hemisphere, Australians have the unique opportunity to mark this event during their summertime.

This season is a time of warmth, abundance, and vibrant energy, inviting people to connect with the cycles of nature. It’s an opportunity to integrate meaningful customs that resonate with Australia’s diverse landscape and climate.

Sos this year, here are five different ways to celebrate Litha in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ways to Celebrate Litha

Sunrise Meditation

Begin your day with a sunrise gathering at the beach, a park or the backyard – anywhere you’ll be able to see the sun rise. As the sun ascends, participate in a guided meditation, focusing on renewal and personal growth. This setting provides a tranquil backdrop for setting intentions for the coming months.

Solar Cooking

Host a garden party featuring a feast prepared with solar cookers. This method is not only fire-safe but also honours the sun’s power. BBQ’s are fine as well!

Use fresh, local produce to create dishes that reflect the season’s abundance.

Bush Walk

Take a guided tour through local bushland to discover native plants in bloom. This activity connects you with the land’s natural cycles, offering insight into Indigenous plant uses and stories. In SA, the botanica gardens still offers walks with an Indigenous guide.

Sun Crafts

Conduct workshops cantered on sun-themed crafts. Activities can include making sun catchers, solar photography, or crafting with materials coloured by natural plant dyes. These crafts pay tribute to the sun’s creative energy without the need for fire during our fire ban season.

Star Gaze

Conclude the day with stargazing and storytelling. The clear Australian skies in December provide a spectacular view of the stars. Accompany this with tales of Aboriginal astronomy, offering a glimpse into diverse cultural interpretations of the solstice.

Summer Solstice

I wouldn’t call this my favourite season, especially with the heat, which feels even more intense while pregnant. However, I do appreciate the calm that follows the Christmas chaos. And, as everyone rushes for Christmas, school holidays, and New Year’s celebrations, the cities and shopping centres buzz with activity. In contrast, the hills, forests, and rivers become quiet and deserted, offering me peace and a chance to enjoy small gatherings.

This tranquility allows me to reflect on the year’s blessings before the bustling harvest season of Lughnasa begins.

Anyway, I hope you’ll try some of these unique ways to celebrate Litha this year and find time to rest during this hectic period. Once again, sorry if this is a bit of mess, my brain is a just a melt until the new one is out of the ol womb.

Take care and we will Speak in Spells again soon!

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